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News 2020

International Dog Show in Katowice

Zorrazo Twilight Sparkle - excellent note, 1/2, CWC, CACIB, Best of Breed
Kan Trace Touch Down Tiger - excellent note, 1, CWC, CACIB, Best of Breed. TicTac fulfilled conditions to became Grand Polish Champion. :)
Kan Trace Xena The Warrior Princess - vp, 1,  Best puppy in Breed
Bombadee Mask Of Zorro - excellent note, 3/4
Poppenspaler's Orzechówka - excellent note, 1, CWC, CACIB, BOS

Sędzia: Andrzej Stępiński (PL)


3 x CACIB in Kaunas

Bombadee Obi Wan Kenobi - at International Dog Show in Kaunas 24.01.2020 he received 1st place /5 CAC 


Kan Trace Xena The Warrior Princess at all 3 shows she became Best Puppy in Breed and cherry on the cake was her win - BEST IN SHOW PUPPY on Friday. :) 



Valentisimo's Sunny -  at all 3 shows he won his class, 2 x Res CACIB and on sunday he gained CACIB. Sunny fulfilled conditions to become Lithuanian Champion. :) 

Championship Show Manchester

National Dog Show in Gdańsk

Kan Trace Xena The Warrior Princess - very promissing note, 1, Best Puppy in Breed. :) 

Poppenspaler's Orzechówka - excellent note, 1, CWC, Best of Breed. :) 


Great start of 2020 with results of health tests for our youngest Alubyc Bom Bom Bombadee. :) 

PRA 1 - clear
PRA 2 - clear
prcd-PRA - clear
ICT - clear
Muscular Dystrophy MD - clear
NCL - clear
Degenerative Myelopathy DM - clear

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